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How many flavors?

We are having approximately 100 people. Our cake will be four tiers, but we're going to cut the top tier since our baker offers a free anniversary cake. So, the top tier will just be ours, pretty much. That leaves three tiers of actual cake. I am tempted to have three flavors of cake, but some people say that is too many because people will want to sample more than one flavor. However, we are having the cake cut in the kitchen and then served, which I think will make it less likely that people will take more than one piece. We also are having tray passed miniature coconut cream pies served during the cake, which presumably will make people eat less cake. So, we will have enough cake for 100 people and some people might not even opt for cake at all, which I think would make up for people who go back for seconds. All of that being said, would you go for 2 or 3 flavors of cake? We're definitely having citron cake (white cake with lemon curd and buttercream) for one flavor and a custom flavor for the second flavor (chocolate cake with chocolate bits baked in, topped with a layer of ganache, topped with coffee-infused white chocolate mousse, and covered in buttercream). We are tasting two more flavors tomorrow, chocolate orange, or bananas foster. I'm really leaning toward adding in the bananas foster if it is yummy since it's a third, very different option. WDYT?

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  • munkiimunkii member
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    We're having about 80 people and are serving 3 flavors. We'll also have other dessert options like you. We're doing slightly differently than you, though, because we will serve the sweets buffet style simply because not everyone enjoys cake. That way, cake isn't wasted if someone doesn't want it, and if another person wants 5 pieces, if won't be a big deal. Have multiple flavors!
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    The weddings I've been to have offered either one or three flavors. Multiple flavors allows those who don't like banana for example to be able to eat a flavor they like. In my experience as a guest at weddings and non-wedding-related parties, people will eat whatever is there. If you have other non-cake desserts, they will eat those in addition to cake. So there isn't any need to buy/serve less cake unless you want to.
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    My cake is only going to serve 45 - ( 25 guests ) & we are doing 2 flavors & 2 tiers. I don't see 3 flavors for 100 guests as a problem. Most guest will only eat one slice. Congrats on selecting unique flavors,  you can have vanilla cake anyday !!
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    We are having about 150 and we have a 5 layer cake (top tier is for the anniversary) and we are serving 4 flavors.
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    3 flavors. More options are fine...and all your reasons are sound. You have another dessert, not every one eats cake and not everyone will know there ate options. Also, I KNOW there will be left overs based on my wedding. If there are, you can have your DJ announce that there is more cake on (blank) table so anyone who wants a different flavor or more cake can have some. It'll be just fine :)
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    We are having a 4 tier cheesecake made of 4 flavors. We are also having a groomscake make of regular yellow cake. We have 175 guests. I'm not worried at all about people having several pieces. I'm hoping that people love it so much that they eat the ENTIRE cake!!! Whatever works out will be fine, don't worry!!
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  • MrsK09MrsK09 member
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    We are having about 400 guests and we are having at least 6 flavors of cake.  My mom is a professional cake decorator, so it was too hard for FI and I to pick just a few of her awesome flavors.  We are having white, chocolate, spice, orange cream, lemon, and white almond poppyseed.  We may even add a few more flavors, who knows!  I personally like giving people lots of options and as long as eveyone gets one piece, let them come back for as much as they want after that if they want to try other flavors. I have helped my mom serve cake at lots of different functions and it seems the more flavors people have to choose from the happier they are!
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    Go for the gusto! Get both the bananas foster & chocolat orange to add to your diverse & unique offering. The guests will love it! BTW - we are having 175-200 guests and doing five flavors. They were pretty basic but I might have to rethink this now that I'm seeing all the cool flavors you are using!
  • missphoenixmissphoenix member
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    We are going with a four tier cake in "southern peach". It's kindof like spice cake but with a hint of peach. There's also going to be one chocolate and one vanilla sheet cake. This may seem like a lot of cake for 250 people but there's going to be a few people that have an "i need to go to meetings" type problem with sweets. I keep joking that after the cake is cut, that people are going to have to wrestle me for corners(my favorite part).
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      Well most people ae not going to know that you had 3 different flavors unless the kitchen staff is super organized and knows to bring a differnet slice to every person at every table and make sure each table gets every flavor.   People are not going to know it was a custom cake flavor.    Since you are passing something coconut, maybe just stick with 1 to 2 other options.   People are just going to want the food portion to be over with to start drinking and dancing.   Have you every remembered the cake from someones wedding??  And the only one you will remember is your own, and nothing will be as good as yours from that amazing day! 
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