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Can you tell me how you went about petitioning the court for changing your name? I am in Maryland and Im sure it is a little different but I wanted to know where I should start.
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    We're actually in MD and did our name change in PG county (the DC location tag was just for our wedding, and I haven't updated it yet). I was actually pleasantly surprised how simple it was to do-- we almost paid a lawyer $2k to do it for us, but it was definitely worth the little bit of work to save that money and do it ourselves.I'll find the information and post again.
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    The easiest way is to go to the webpage of your county courts and search for "legally change name" and you should get documentation on it. It is typically a lengthy process and is probably easier to pay a lawyer a few thousand  to do it for you.
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    Im a DIY girl who is broke from wedding expenses. I would rather not get a lawyer.
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    Thiswillbe, We got the forms for AA county and there is a section where we need to put why the name is being changed. Did you all say anything about you being married or to show a commitment to each other or did you use another reason? I am just concerned that b/c same sex marriage is not legal here the judge will not approve the name change. thanksFitz
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    Domestic partnership, at least, is now recognized in Maryland.  And the only "bad" reason for a name change is if you are trying to escape creditors, so saying you're doing it to reflect your commitment to each other should be fine.
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    Thanks I am going to do it!
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