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Just wondering if anyone has had experience there or heard good or bad? We are leaning towards there, its a bit more expensive for food. but since all of our family is from MI, we know that we will only have like 50 people. I have looked at a few other places that require you to use their baker for your cake, is this place like that as well???  I am planning on doing the cake myself since I used to work in a bakery and wedding cakes were my specialty. If anyone has any information that would be a great help!!! ThanksJenny

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    I have only heard good things about this place. Not sure about the cake.
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    I'm getting married there.  They have a preferred vendors list but you can use whoever you want.  They just want to have names and phone numbers of all your vendors so there shouldn't be any problem with you bringing your own cake and the cake cutting fee is already included in the food waiver fee or room fee.  I have only heard good experiences there.  I haven't had any problems with them to date.  They are a little more laid back then say a hotel but they always get things done and are very personable.  Jackie
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    I think w/ a guest list of 50 you might have to use the White room loft...at least that was the case when I inquired there. They have an amazing roof top deck now. Another knottie got married in the loft and it was very pretty. Both rooms are really nice spaces. The entrance is weird and parking will be difficult...but those are the only down sides that I saw. GL!
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    i agree with Clseale. I dont think you can have the downstairs ballroom with only 50 people. the loft is nice but does not have the window views but still is nice. You can bring in your own cake. I would recommend going to look at the place prior to booking. When i went to look at it I loved the room but  the parking and entrance were big downers for me so I chose another venue. But it may not bother you as much as it did me. Good Luck!
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