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Hello Halloween Board!

Hi Everyone! Yeah, so I've been on the knot for a year or so now and never realized there was a Halloween Wedding Board until about 5 minutes ago! Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself - I'm on the Boston board almost exclusively - but I'm excited to see what everyone else is doing for their Halloween weddings! Bio stalking begins in 3... 2... 1... :)

Re: Hello Halloween Board!

  • Welcome! I'm not having a Halloween wedding, but it will be as gothic as I can make it. Please feel free to stalk my bio! I really would love some input. Let me know if you can think of any over-the-top details that I haven't thought of yet.......actually I just thought of one! Damn, that was good. I'm thinking of adding artists easels for all of our crazy fellow artist friends to paint, draw, use chracoal, etc on. That would be a great way to get wedding day portaits done! OMG, wow, I am sooo excited about that idea...........
  • Hi! The Halloween board is actually pretty new. I love your shoes!
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  • Thanks - it's nice to meet everyone! But, I think the knot may be doing some false advertising. On one of the pages, there is a little link for "Having a Halloween wedding? Talk with other brides!" or something - and when you click on it, it goes here. But a gothic wedding doesn't have to be on, or mean, Halloween - and vice versa! So we aren't having a gothic wedding, just a wedding on Halloween (with some touches like skull & crossbone ties, etc. - and a constant battle with my mother about me painting my nails black...ugh...). So I'm sorry if I assumed everyone was having a Halloween wedding - don't want to offend anyone! I swear, I'm not an idiot, just unobservant ;)
  • No worries! They're just trying to get this board more active. There are plenty of ladies on here having a Halloween Wedding. Some are  planning for this year, some for next. Either way, we're here to help whatever it is you're doing :)
  • We really would love a Halloween wedding, but I'm a sissy (it's cold in Washington!) so I'm having a summer wedding. I loved looking at your ideas. Actually, I love looking at all of the ideas on this board. I also post on the vintage wedding board because I really want to mix in some vintage or antique elements. I'm running out of funding though! I have to pay for airfare for three people to fly over from Maine. Really though, I would love it if you guys have any ideas that might work with my theme. I'm kinda stuck. I've been budgeting, but I haven't actually bought anything yet.
  • Scoetto - thanks :) There's a vintage wedding board? Oh jeez, why am I finding all of this a month before my wedding!
  • Welcome. Me and the Mr. are one of the couples having a halloween wedding. It's going to be this year. Your welcome to stalk my bio even though it dosen't really have all of our details.
  • My bio's lame, but feel free to take a peek.  Good luck with your Halloween wedding!
  • I am having a Halloween Wedding too!! Yea!!!! I just found this board about one month ago, so dont worry! :)
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  • Hi there, I was looking around on here for some stuff for my friends wedding and just had to leave a note. I got married last Halloween and there was nothing like this back then. Of course there was the "fall wedding" but there is a huge difference!!! Good luck to everyone, I had a blast and EVERYONE, I swear EVERY SINGLE guest showed up to my wedding in costume, some more detailed than others. I wont be following the board but if i could be any help i'm in the Dallas girlymixer at yahoo.
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