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Need ideas...

Hi everybody,I'm actually in the "FL First Coast Area", but my fiance and I are planning a weekend getaway to Savannah for our three year anniversary in a couple of weeks. We've already got a hotel in mind, but any recommendations would be appreciated too.I was wondering if y'all could give me some ideas of things we can do while in Savannah? I've looked through some tourist sites, and most of what I've seen is tours of historic Savannah (which we're considering) and haunted houses/cemeteries.Thanks in advance!

Re: Need ideas...

  • chosen175chosen175 member
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    What kinds of things do you enjoy doing? There is so much to do in Savannah it's hard to pick. :-) Our favorite restaurant has always been Spanky's for their awesome chicken fingers and Elizabeth's for a nicer place to eat. For fun, I LOVE going down to River Street and just watching the boats and people and whatnot going by. I believe they do fireworks, but not sure if those have ended now that summer is over. There's a dueling piano bar but the name is escaping me at the moment. Have fun!
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    Thanks Lisa! I just looked up River Street and they are actually have the First Friday Fireworks the night that we'd be getting there. I'll have to look into those restaurants too.We are both pretty laid back and tend to go with the flow of things. We're going to Savannah because it is the middle between where we live (he's in NC and I'm currently in Tallahassee). Both of us tend to just like lounging around on the weekends, but we also like adventurous stuff too.I saw something about Dolphin Magic Dolphin Tours. Do you know anything about that?
  • iluvmytxrgriluvmytxrgr member
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    Hi.  I have a ton of recs in my bio.  I need to update it though, because there are a few new places that I love.  There are two new hotels downtown, The Bohemian and AVIA.  They are both amazing.  There are also three new restaurants that I love.  Ele is on Hwy 80 headed out toward Tybee Island.  It is an Asian fusion restaurant.  I also love SOL and EOS.  They are both on Habersham between 36th St and 32nd St.  Also, check and see if October Fest will be going on while you are here.  There are also some great shows planned for October and Pirate Fest is in October on Tybee Island with some great live music and tons of fun.

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    Thank you iluvmytxrgr! Your bio is very helpful, I'll have to look into some of those places.
  • beerladybeerlady member
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    Try this link www.savannahga.net There are tons of links here for hotels, restaurants, and things to do.HTH.
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    Oh wow, thank you! That's got a lot of stuff on it; I'll check it out some more tomorrow.Thanks so much everyone!
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    Pirate Fest is awesome if that's going on while you're there.I thoroughly second Spanky's.There's a dueling piano bar but the name is escaping me at the moment.Savannah Smiles; my favorite bar in all of Savannah.I think the other ladies have given you more than enough to digest.  I really just wanted to second those things and say have fun!
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    Thank you so much for all of the ideas everybody! I'll be sure to post here after we get back from Savannah (we're not going until the first weekend of October) and tell y'all what we did and stuff. I did see that Oktoberfest will be going on at that time, so that should be fun.
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