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Anyone else have a problem writing a negative review for a vendor on wedding reports or wedding wire?  I tried and with wedding reports they are making me fax them a contract?? I don't have a contact I wasn't the bride but in the wedding party So you can write good stuff but not warn brides about the bad stuff?? I was hoping to warn brides about the DJ one of my friend had. Totally messed up her wedding, first dance and parent dances to boot!!  I don't want to make an issue of it my mentioning it to her because it would make it even worse. The wedding was in FL so it doesn't pertain to here so don't worry CT!!

Re: Negative reviews??

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    Well, that explains a lot. I had looked at reviews for one of the venues I looked into on Weddingwire and they were all positive, but when I asked about the venue on this board everyone said it was horrible. I am not going to trust weddingwire or weddingreports anymore!
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    I agree that that is really annoying, and seemingly a bit slanted.  I don't frequent those sites that much, so I don't have experience with it, but I'll have to keep my eyes peeled.  I do find it annoying that you don't get the full picture of a vendor.

    Not knowing much about it I will say that if I play devils advocate, it does make a bit of sense.  It's one thing if people want to say nice things about a company... that doesn't hurt them or their business at all.  But, if someone wants to say something bad or harmful, it can do quite a bit of damage.  If there is no regulation or 'policing' of negative feedback who is to say what is genuine negative feedback and what is competitor's writing erroneous negative reviews to boost their own business?  I have seen this happen on google for a jewelry store I work for.  A competing local store had someone write extremely negative things about our store in a review.  We could prove it was erroneous because we got their name and info and they had never ever been a customer at our store AND they work at the other store.

    So, them trying to prove that your feedback is valid makes sense, however, requiring proof of a contract is a little stringent.
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    I've never tried to write a review on wedding wire, but I have heard that they make you jump through hoops to leave a negative one...
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    I think I agree with having to give some sort of proof. People are always more apt to leave negative reviews and negative news travels farther and faster than good, unfortunately. So, when reviews/word of mouth is a business' greatest advertisement, it only makes sense to make sure things are accurate.
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    As someone who owns a small business and has been victim of random, unwarranted negative feedback, I can see why you need proof. Just like rumor and innuendo people can randomly post negative feedback to better their business.
    I agree however, that if you know all the important players, dates, etc, that should be sufficient. Maybe a neutral feedback rating could be an option for those sites (like ebay).
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    It makes sense that they need a contract because then they can figure out if the complaint is valid. Like if you went to a wedding in july and the cake fell apart. Many would blame the cake baker and might even leave with negative opinions. But, if it was in the contract that they were not responsible for the cake after they leave the premisis for that then a negative review is uncalled for. Especially if the bride and groom insisted on buttercream even though it will melt in the heat. Without a contract you wouldn't know.
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