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Grr...RSVP rant

Today FI's uncle RSVP'd by voicemail for himself, FI's aunt and 2 cousins. "We'll be there, we need 3 seafoods and 1 chicken." That's great, but a) could you mail the little card back please? and b) I need to know who's eating what. Also, I get an email from FI's other cousin saying how cute the invitations are and they're probably not going to make it. That sucks, but could you mail the little card back please? And... I sent my aunt a facebook message asking if she mailed hers yet (my mom said she had and since I hadn't received it I wanted to check) and my aunt mailed it back right after she got it. Thanks USPS. Ugh... I'm ready for this to be over!
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Re: Grr...RSVP rant

  • janedoe1113ajanedoe1113a member
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    This is the part I'm definitely not looking forward to.
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    Just wait, it gets better! One relative told my mother she was coming (that's great, but there is also an RSVP for the rehearsal dinner, ladies lunch and golf on the card) but she did not send the card back because she thinks the whole set is so pretty and she wants to keep it....wtf did I spend $.44 on those stamps for?...I did not get back about 10% of them...still in shock...
  • katiek200katiek200 member
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    :( I'll add some more stories here when we send ours out in two weeks!
  • WAshley10WAshley10 member
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    jodippls - I laughed out loud at "that's great but could you mail the little card back please"!  Some people just don't get it!! I am definitely not looking forward to these battles although I am sure we will get some laughs afterwards!
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    Jodi-   I had the same problem. More than 2/3rds of the RSVP's didn't come back on the dead line. I had to call and write them and even then some still haven't responded back! I have gotten in touch w/ a lot of people but we still have 34 people who don't know if they're coming. I had two sets of rsvps come back with "?" marks under attending! and then about 10 people said they don't know if they're going to make it to the reception or not. There is a gator game on the 31st and I know that's why they are undecided at the moment and to me, that's crazy. TIVO the game or just say no you can't come. I need to know this. 10 people is A LOT of money to just have go to waste if they decide not to show. My family is annoying!
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