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RSVP annoyance!

I set my date a month away from my wedding, hoping that this might encourage people to send their RSVPs in and not be stressed.Of course, loads of people have not sent them in yet. So far, I had not had the people adding extra names to the RSVP thing happen yet. Of course, I opened a late RSVP today AND it had an extra name on it. And it is a friend of my fiance's family who I do not know (and he doesn't even know). Anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with the issue?Thanks.~Julie

Re: RSVP annoyance!

  • edited December 2011
    I am not surprised! People take so long to decde if they are coming or not then procrastinate with sending in the RSVP. So annyoing! I would ask his family who it is and if they should be in attendance. If they don't know or say no, there is no reason why they should be there - then you might ask them to call the friend and explain the limited guest list. If you have the room and they say 'Oh yeah - we forgot about them' or whaever then you may want to squeeze them in. In my case my mom has been asking people who is not on her guest list if they would like to come...I told her she is going to just have to tell them that they are not invited. This may be one of those cases for you. ; )
    ~ Trish Finfer

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