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mini rant: stupid bakery.

the bakery that our venue uses for the cake (included in the price of our hall) is waaaaaay the hell out of the way up the mountain, and ive been trying for weeks to get there but i work out of town so it is next to impossible to get there before it closes at 5 or 7 (depending on the day). i finally switched shifts with someone today so that i can get there in the morning. because of the switch i will get home from work at 11 pm and have to leave for work again at 5:30 the next morning.i get to the bakery, and its freakin closed. a sign on the door: "new hours, now open sundays, closed mondays"HULK apparently "required" to get there in person before october 1st to choose the look and flavour of the cake. they wont do it by email (pictures) and they have no website. EFFING LAME.

Re: mini rant: stupid bakery.

  • Wow... Just wow. It's too bad that your required to use them. I would be pretty upset, too! People need to get their stories straight on stuff like this.
  • That is ruh-TARD-ed.  I hate it when businesses have stupid hours and no website.  And then they changed their hours on you?  Hellz no. 
  • i was sooo mad. im ready to just call them up and say "make me a white cake. no designs, no flowers, white plain cake" and decorate it myself with smarties.
  • Like the candy smarties? Oh heck yeah!
  • I don't trust businesses that don't have websites--in this day and age, is it really [i]that[/i] hard to put infor up on the web? especially in situations like this. Lame is right.
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  • i said that as a joke and 2 minutes later im really considering it.
  • *laughing* Oh, Sooles - you're from the Hamilton area, right? Are you dealing with La Bakeri?
  • im new to this board, but if you phoned during business hours and explained your work situation, do you think they might be willing to make a meeting with you (maybe outside regular hours) just to get this done? i have the same problem with my work (im a medical student and work from 5am til about 8 or 9 PM every day the next few months) and a number of vendors have opened up just for me (on a sunday, etc). it just took a little bit of asking.
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  • I just think smarties would be cool, IRL. LOL It would remind me of my birthdays when my mom would put those candy cake decorations on.
  • yes september!! and i just called them like 3 weeks ago to check hours because i couldnt find anythign online about it... at that time they were open monday-saturday! now closed mondays? you couldnt warn me hours were about to change when i called you???
  • Honestly, the smarties thing would fit in with your wedding, be cute and would save you the trouble. This company sounds stupid, closed on a monday, didnt know 3 weeks in advance their hours were changing and dont have a website. That doesnt sound like they have their shiit together at all.
  • HAHA! How well I feel your pain. They do this because they change things around in there like they change their socks. My venue (Olympia) was dealing with them for our cake and told us to go down there too. We did, only to find that there were all of 3 options, and all of them kind of terrible. Think basket-weave icing on a cake...yeah, not so great. Also, please don't ask to try any cake aside from rum cake, as they likely won't have it baked. They will let you taste fillings, though, which is really helpful [insert eye roll here] and will act like you're inconveniencing them the whole time.After I went down there and argued with the frickin' bakery, Olympia up and changed everything and now an in-house baker is making my cake. *twitch*La Bakeri still has some wicked cannoli, though. Pick some up to make the trip worth it. :D
  • ugh, im with renaissance hall and they have some sort of contract with la bakeri. i would just bake my own darn cake but they wont let me bring it in.smarties are sounding better and better. nebb makes a good point, my whole wedding already looks like a 5 year old's bday party so it wouldnt look entirely out of place.
  • I vote white cake covered in Smarties. Or Spree, because Spree is awesome.
  • You could use specific colors and make it into a design of some kind, to make it look better. I could swear ive seen it done somewhere, just nto sure where.
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