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Riverboat cruises

Hello, I'm new to posting on the message boards, although I've been following them a little over the past few months. I live in Iowa and am planning a destination wedding in Savannah for May 2010. I was thinking about doing a riverboat cocktail cruise after our afternoon reception, has anyone ever been on one, or do you know of anyone that has had a good or bad experience? It looked like kind of mixed reviews on the travel site I saw. Thanks!

Re: Riverboat cruises

  • iluvmytxrgriluvmytxrgr member
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    I don't recomend the riverboat cruises here.  You are basically looking at a view of the industrial part of the river.  Not a great view for a celebration. 

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  • chosen175chosen175 member
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    We had planned our wedding for the afternoon as well, and I was considering chartering one of the tour companies' trollies for a personal tour after our reception.  That might be an idea if you don't end up doing the riverboat cruise.
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    That's a good idea too! I haven't ruled out the riverboats though, I think it would be more about hanging out and cocktails than scenery anyways. I'm just worried that they're a little dumpy maybe?
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    The riverboat cruise does NOT show you the true Savannah. It does only show you the port as well as the industrial parts. I feel you will be so disappointed if you go that route. As a planner I do not recommend the cruise for a few reasons. First of all you are on 3 separate decks. Depending on your guest count you will be on different levels AND if you are able to get them on one level - Depending on your count it will be a tight fit. Also, music is on another deck.... It is not like a floating banquet hall. There are so many gorgeous historic homes on the squares that can accomodate the same feel you are after. If you have anyother questions, being a destination wedding give me a call - I would love to be able to answer any questions you may have. 912 257 9506
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