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Cambodian/American reception - need a venue!

Hi. So, long story short, we had a venue, but now we need a new one. We're trying to combine receptions so that we can really truly blend our cultures. The reception venue we had was perfect, except now they're really fighting us on bringing in outside food, which they initally were working with us on. They serve American food, and they were going to allow us to bring in Khmer food, but now they won't give us any way to actually bring that food in.

So we need a new venue for the Western ceremony and for the combined reception. We need something budget friendly that will allow us to serve American and Khmer cuisine. The problem is, I feel like our only option at this point is like and elk's lodge or something, and I don't want it to have that dingy, dark elk's lodge feel.

Wedding planning is hard : ( Help? We're in the Lowell, MA area, if that helps.

Re: Cambodian/American reception - need a venue!

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