Customized water bottle labels?

Has anyone done the custom water bottle labels?vThey were not as easy as I thought. The hard part was getting the right shaped bottles and then making sure they went on straight. My question is how to keep them cold? The ceremony is outdoors at 5pm on a Friday. I thought about freezing them but didn't want the condensation to ruin the paper. Any thoughts on how to keep them cold but not ruin the paper?Thanks

Re: Customized water bottle labels?

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    Did you use actual water bottle labels? They're water-resistant so you shouldn't have an issue. If you DIDN'T use water resistant labels..... I can't think of a single way that they can be cold with no condensation- even in a fridge, as soon as you pull them out they'll be wet!
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    This seems like unneccesary time and $$ spent.  I mean really, are your guests going to care that their water bottle has your name on the label?  They're going to drink the water and then toss out the bottle.Why put all the time and effort into trying to create a special label?  I'd put your time and effort elsewhere, frankly.
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    All of the water bottles I have received have always been room temp. Have you thought about not cooling them?I think it's cute and some people will notice. Maybe not everyone, but it's one of those small details that stand out to people who are detail oriented. It's her time and effort, why do you care?
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