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Dress Stress

So I've been dress shopping on and off since late May and I still haven't found the one.  I've gotten to the point where I know what I'm looking for but can't find it all in one dress.  I want alencon lace applique on a trumpet silhouette.  I really want the material to be silk or satin (not organza) with lace detail on the top, a plain middle and lace detail on the bottom.  I am totally open on the top (strapless, straps) but if its strapless I prefer sweetheart (I know that's an easy fix).  And I LOVE scalloped lace and a longish train.So, I've updated my bio with photos of me in the finalists and need your help!  What do you think of the dresses?  Do you have any suggestions on dresses for me?  It seems like Jim Hjelm and Alvina Valenta have what I like but they are out of budget so I will have to shift things around for that to work.  HELP!  I am stressing out big time and I feel like I need to order something by the end of this month.The link to my bio is in my siggy - TIA!!

Re: Dress Stress

  • I couldn't see the dress in your budget (probably doing something wrong) but what is your budget? Sounds like you may like my dress - demetrios ilissa style 900. just found it and ordered a week ago. It's much more beautiful than it looks even in the pic. It's got a nice train (chapel, I think) but ordered it with an additional 1/2 yard but it was a little expensive to add (additional $400). Not sure of your budget but it comes in sweetheart and you can have your seamstress put a deepeter sweetheart in (for less than the designer would charge). Also, the dress is described as lace over net sheath but it is lace over satin.  Not sure what all the "net sheath" stuff is about.  It's also got tons of beading, so it really sparkles, and it has the scalloping on the train that you described.  Depending on where you are located, I recommend that you call Tamika at Brides by Demetrios in Atlanta (Buckhead). She is awesome and can help you with the dress. She picked this dress for me. She has a great eye and, since you have been struggling with locating your dress, I think that, even if you don't pick this one, you need a good bridal consultant. She is the best. If you're in the Southeast, and like Demetrios, I recommend shooting over to Atlanta and letting her help you or, if you're not in the area, seeing if there is another Brides by Demetrios in your area. They only sell Demetrios gowns, however.Brand new, the dress is in the 1K-1.5K range but I've also seen people reselling it (just google "Demetrios Ilissa Style 900") for less.Hope that helps.
  • Another option is to have the dress made by a wedding gown seamstress since you know exactly what you are looking for.
  • I just want to let you know that I don't know what you are talking about with some of those dresses not being flattering. You look amazing in all of them I think you just have to find one that you FEEL good in...The problem for you isn't going to be finding one that looks good..and some of the dresses on there have what you wanted but you say they weren't very flattering (i disagree)..but maybe what you really want is something that you never expected to want. Have you tried dresses that are different from what you are specifically looking for? Either way whatever you choose is going to be beautiful on your wedding day!  =)
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  • My dress isn't exactly what you're looking for but looks slightly like one of the ones you did try on, and it does have the alencon lace on it.  Maggie Sottero, Karena Royale[img][/img]
  • OMG, I feel like we have the same vision for a wedding dress! I was soo in love with Jim Hjelm and Alvina Valenta but I found that they were more than I wanted to spend... I ended up ordering Paloma Blanca #3953. It's silk with unique applique alencon lace at the bust and hem line... :) I love it so much! [img] [/img] I know you've already looked at some Paloma Blancas in your bio... but I just wanted to show you this style. It looks so much better in person... [url] [/url] Paloma Blanca definitely has some great styles that are less price-wise than Jim Hjelm and Alvina Valenta!
  • I think you look better in those dresses than the models!  I like the Watters and Watters dresses the best.  The first dress combines elegant, traditional, and sexy in a great way and the second dress is elegant and sexy.  I think the Maggie Sottero Karena Royale in a pp is also a possibility if you had a chance to try it on...or the Karena is very similar too.  Just a thought if you're still worried about budget.Otherwise, if you can swing it, I think any of the dresses in your bio would look stunning on you.  Good luck with choosing a dress.
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  • I also like the Torreon the best.  They are all beautiful  I hope you find the one.  Good luck.  
  • Taylor1981 - That designer has gorgeous dresses!  I have looked and found a few retailers in my area that carry it.  I've even been to one.  Thanks!
  • First of all, Lindze, you are such a cutie!!  (I'm an MOB so I can say that!).Of your choices, I like the Alvina Valenta 2 the best, with the W/W Torreon next.  The Paloma Blanca that you are no longer considering rounds out the top three that I like, and that I feel look good on you.The W/W 9042B, not liking it.  I don't like the pick-ups on the skirt.  It would look MUCH better without that.  You look very tiny and I feel this dress overpowers you.
  • They all look great on you! But my personal favorite out of the pics of you in them are: the first pic of you in the waters and waters 9042B
  • I like the Watters & Watters Torreon the best too. The Watters 9042B is kind of overpowering on your small frame, but it is a cute dress.
  • You looked really good in all of them. :-)When I went shopping I had one look that I wanted in mind...3rd trip I found it. Perfect gown, perfect size, perfect price....I put it on and OMG it was not for me. When I went with my bm and my moh I tried on the style i wanted and then told the sales girl what i wanted to change. by the 4th dress we had FOUND it!! I cried, moh cried, bm got all excited. :-) So..think outside of your dress ideas....You will know, just have patience. :-)
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  • The Maggie Sottero is my favorite & then the Waters & Waters! You look great in all of the dresses though!!!
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  • Lindze75, Sorry, misunderstood you.  Thought you were asking for options other than the dresses in your bio b/c they were too expensive.  Well, I still can't see the dresses but it looks like you have tons of great feedback!  Isn't The Knot great? Good luck!
  • I know you said you were having trouble finding the Karena Royale, and I have good news, well I hope. Maggie Sottero offers a "loan program" where you can pay a fee, somewhere between $50 and $75, and have a specific dress sample shipped to an authorized retailer in your area. Not all of the dresses are part of the program, but it's worth a shot if you can't find the sample. There are waiting lists for some dresses (mine had a 3 week waiting list), so you'll have to do a little planning. I had to do it with a Maggie because I couldn't find it anywhere, from Sacramento to San Francisco to Bakersfield, and I was really set on at least trying it on. And most salons will apply that fee toward the purchase of the gown, if you decide you love it. I believe that other designers do the same, so if you find another dress online and can't find the sample, you can ask the salons if they will have it sent for you. Just make sure you really want to try it on. At $50 to $75 a pop this gets expensive! Good luck!!
  • I like the Watters & Watters best followed by the Paloma Blanca
  • Another option (and it's a free option) for finding the Karena Royale in your area is to call Maggie Sottero's corporate office.  I did, when I was interested in two of her dresses and pressed the button for customer service.  A very nice woman came on the line and asked my state.  She then proceeded to tell me the two stores in all of my state that even ordered the dress. Yes, only two.  She gave me the telephone numbers to both stores and I called to see if they still had the dress (or if they'd been sold in a sample sale).  Found out both had been sold - not one dress in my entire state.  But I was happy to find that out.  It only took 10 minutes, less than the time for me to get in my car and go to a single store looking for it.Here's the number for Maggie Sottero: (801)975-8303
  • I totally agree with paloma 3953 I tried it on and loved it but I loved something else (without lace) more.I tried to get the 2 pictures I took in it into this reply but it just wasn't working.
  • you should find the ones you love, even if they are the most expensive ones, and then see if they are having any sample sales or trunk shows at the stores that are selling them near you.  or you can call jim hjelm directly and see if they are doing a sample sale anywhere near you (there is one in sacramento ca coming up...)  his dresses are my favorite as well and are also out of my budget, but with some investigating, you might be able to get a huge discount--one bridal boutique i went to was doing a sample sale for up to 40% off and trunk shows for 15%.    good luck!  you really do look great in all of the dresses you tried on!  also, my little sister's name is tia, i love the name :)
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