Makeup artist that travels

I am looking for someone to come to the hotel to do my makeup... any suggestions?

Re: Makeup artist that travels

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    Christine with Blush Make-Up Artistry.  She is fab, and she just won #1 on the KETV's A-List!  She is doing my make up but is also a personal friend.  Her website is Good luck!
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    If you think $100 is worth it to you to have fantastic make-up, then it's a good price.  That sounds quite steep though.  I got both my hair and make-up done for that price at The Hair Market and was very happy with both.
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    Cari Maxwell may still travel, I don't have her # off hand, but email me at work and I can get it for you.  [email protected] is wonderful and has done a few girls here on the knot.  She is working out of Garbos in regency.
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    I'm also paying $100 for both my hair and make-up total. It sounds a bit much, but it's up to how much you can spend on it. My mom always said, "You get what you pay for" tho, so you could end up getting some amazing make-up and look extra AMAZING on your day!! :) HTH.
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    Tracy at MAC did mine for $75. It was worth every penny. She came and did my makeup at my salon.
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    Marcia (info in bio) came to the church to do mine and did a fabulous job and was a lot more reasonable.
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