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Wedding Party Introduction

What do you guys think of having Marry You (Glee version) for the wedding party intro? I think it's a cute song, and love the glee version.

Re: Wedding Party Introduction

  • Glee kind of makes me want to barf. And I also hate Bruno Mars. But if you're into it, then whatevs...
  • I agree with PP, if you like it then go for it.  Is there a song that your crew loves? Some group of friends have a song that they always end up belting out at parties or whatever.  We used "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC for our BP intros.  It's played a lot during Patriots games and we're all Pats fans. 
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  • i love the song, but if you listen to the lyrics, the whole concept is 2 people getting drunk and deciding on a whim to get married.....do you really want that played/portrayed at your wedding?

    sorry - just my pet peeve about people using songs at weddings just because of one or two words in them (don't get me started on Train. haha)

    bottom line, if you love it and it means something special to you - do it.
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