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I totally missed that you got married while I was away on my honeymoon!  I knew MrsEmJay got married on the 5th, but forgot that you were that day, too. :-(  She's reported back with pictures and a quick recap - so how was your wedding?  Was everything perfect, I hope?? 

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    Aw, it's ok!  It was the most perfect day anyone could ask for!  The only two things I would have changed were way beyond my control (like the priest forgetting a reading and a guests actions) but other than that, it was perfect!  Wonderful weather, wonderful day.  I don't have many pictures, trying to figure out how to put a picture in my siggy (yea, still don't know how to do that) but don't have a picture of Adam and I at all.  My aunts and a couple friends posted pictures on facebook but other than that, can't wait until we see something from the photographer! 
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    Well, that's great to hear!  :-)  Congrats!!  And let us know when you have pictures.  I'm thrilled every time I get more pictures from guests...  I'm with you, though, in that we still don't have a good picture of Shane and I together.  I also can't wait for pro pics to come back!  And FIY, to put a picture into your siggy, upload it to, then copy the "direct link for layouts" URL for the picture.  Then sub that URL into this code (without the *) and put the whole thing into the Signature box on your profile:  <*img src="http://YOUR.LINK.HERE&quot; height="150">Good luck, and let us know if it doesn't work for you! 
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