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Any reviews? I am also looking at this place for a reception site...I am sorry if this is already posted by someone, but I didn't see it.:-)

Re: The Bluff...

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    I dont knot from my own experience, however, a few of my friends have had their reception at the bluff and I did not hear any complaints form them. I've been told that they are one of the least expencive halls to go with. I also heard you can bring your own alcohol in. that is kind of a great way to save on some money! As far as a guest, I thought it was a good place. I did not have any complaints. It is right off from 28th street which seems like an odd place, but it is behind the building so you dont really feel like you are on 28th street.
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    Some friends of mine got married there before I knew them and they didn't have any complaints. I have heard it is a lower priced place which is nice. The only thing I've heard about there is that it looks like you are going to a strip mall when you pull in, there's a buffalo wild wings and other stores there and then i think the bluffs in the back. but if that doesn't bother you I'd say go for it!
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