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How Many Tiers Do I decide???

I have 8 months til my wedding and all I have left to do is my cake and flowers. I've been going back and forth between a square cake and a round cake. We're expecting to have 150+ people at our wedding. My fiance' is having 6 different cheese cakes as his grooms cake. Do you think that getting 3 tiers will be enough or should I go ahead and get 4 tiers? I really need the help. Thanks
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Re: How Many Tiers Do I decide???

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    I guess my question would be just how many servings do you want from this cake? the whole 150+? How many servings are you getting from the cheesecakes? I'd make a guess at 100 servings in a 3-tier, plus the cheesecakes would be fine. If you like the LOOK of a 4-tier, your baker can always use a dummy tier: that way you get the look of a larger cake without all the extra cake.
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    I know all 150 people won't eat the cake. I really don't want a 4 tier, but it thats what I need to feed maybe 100 than I'll get that. We're on a budget so I don't want a very expensive cake. Thank you for your imput it means a lot and helps me out a lot, as well.
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  • MissPetty1121MissPetty1121 member
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    Ive been calling around to find out what size I need and for about 100 you will need a three tier just call around and they will let you know! With the cheesecake you will be fine I also wouldnt do 4 if your on a budget!
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    my cake is 4 tiers and the bakery is saying it will feed 140, so you'll probably be safe with a 3 tier, especially with the cheesecakes.
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    Thank you for the advice...I think I might stick with just 3.
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