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Celebrating those not at Cermony

One of my fiance's brothers will be in Mexico and not able to come to the ceremony.  While my fiance has five brothers, this is the brother he has always been closest to and would be our Best Man if he could be here!  We considered having the ceremony in Mexico so this brother could be with us, but not all of the family here would be able to go to Mexico and come back.  So, we are honeymooning in Mexico and our MOH/my sister is going down for the first couple days, we are going to have a wedding ceremony on the beach with both the BM and MOH there!!  But, we would love to honor him or remember him in some way at the Ceremony here in the US. I don't want it to seem like he isn't living, but I want to acknowledge that he isn't there with us celebrating.  Any ideas?!?!?!?  Thank you in advance!!

Re: Celebrating those not at Cermony

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    Okay, so I also posted this on my month board and got a great idea!!  I am including him in the program as Honorary Best Man, but also going to try to get a video message/toast to have played at the reception!  So excited!  But, any other ideas you guys might have are still welcome!  I just wanted to share that in case any of you are in a similar situation.
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    I love the Video toast idea, I think it would have such a wonderful impact especially if its a surprise to your FI. (Just a thought)

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    I really like the honorary best man idea as well. That is a great idea, and one I could consider using. My Fiance's 2 brothers and mother are in Mexico and will not be able to attend our wedding here. He'll have all kinds of aunts and cousins and what not but not his mother. I feel bad about that. I think we need to do something special about the mom too. I think having at least the one brohter he is really close to as the honorary best man will work but I am still wondering what to do about the mom because you are right, I don't want to seem like she isn't living.

    But on the other hand, we also have to do something for my grandpa and great-grandma who have past on....this is going to be a lot of toasting and dedications!

    Thanks for the advice!

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