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Today's Topic: Jealous!

What is one thing a Gothic Wedding Knottie is doing or has that makes you totally envious of their wedding?

Re: Today's Topic: Jealous!

  • punkvegs nbc toasting glasses
  • OMG why wasn't this board around when I was planning? Booo.
  • OMG....can you say HELICOPTER!? Wicked, wicked jealous.  :)
  • Thanks nycegrrl! I'm totally jealous of all the ladies who can really get into the Halloween theme. I keep looking at all of the decorations and I get all excited like, "wow, I could have soo much fun with this!" And then I realize that I'm getting married on the other side of the country and only 10 people are going to be there anyway. We're having a house party when we get back on Friday the 13th, but it's not the same.
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  • Thanks chedched! I love those glasses. FI surprised me on V-day with them. I am rather fond of them. :) Ebay is your friend!! I am jealous of nycegrrl99's hat/birdcage veil. It is amazing!
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  • I am jealous of all of you! I want so badly to talk about this friggin wedding with all my friends but we chose to keep it secret to surprise everyone in the end.
  • Witchys_Woman,I can sympathize. FI and I were initially planning on eloping, and it killed me. We were engaged for more than a year before I changed my mind and I was allowed to tell anyone. Stay strong, it will be a great surprise!
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