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I am also having my wedding/reception at Toftrees :) LOVE IT!  I just have a question about the ceremony.  What are you doing/did you do for the ceremony music?  Thanks!

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    I'm just having my reception there; we're getting married in the spiritual center on campus.Toftrees provided us with a list of vendors they had worked with before.  I would look at that for live music, or talk to your DJ for recorded music during the ceremony.And I LOVE the venue, too!
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    I'm actually getting married in Bellefonte; but as for music, Essence of Joy from PSU will be singing! (FI was a member). We should all get together more and talk about Toftrees! ^_^
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    I totally agree!  I was thinking of maybe finding a string trio or something.  Just wanted to see what the options were.
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