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I think there are a couple on this board. Two weeks for me! Eek! How is everyone's last minute planning going?I still have to:-finalize music-meet with the calligrapher (yeah, I left this one late)-write my vows-pick up my dress-find lingerie for the wedding night-send out the rehersal dinner e-mail (everyone has the details, it just reminders)-finish my shower thank you's (it was only two weeks ago)I think (hope!) that's it.

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    I'm not an Oct bride, but I just wanted to point out that if you look at the Canadian Knotties bio, it turns out that there are actually quite a few of you! Yay for you guys!
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    24 days to go for me. I still have to do the following-finalize music-write speech-1 more dress fitting & pick it up-book the rehersal dinner, at end of Sept.- shower thank you's-sew some crinny into my F/G dresses- pick up bridal party gifts-pick up flowers the night before for pew cones-pay the florist, I should do that SOON.-find some lights for the head table.-seating chartGood luck getting all your stuff done. Time is flying by so fast, it is crazy. Ill have midterm exams in 2 weeks too, oh goodness. Ive realized this week that this was quite a silly time to get hitched, oh well, Ill make it :)
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    Wow I just realized I'm 18 days away...  - decide on B&G entrance song and first dance (Huge musical differences between FI and I)- Final fitting - Shop for accessories: Earrings, Stockings, Evening Bag- Something blue- Pick-up my veil- Hair Trial (next week)- final meting with DJ (tonight)- Give Baker pinecones and pineneedles to decorate our cake- Print placecards and table names- finish surprise video for FI (BM and I are doing one of those creative wedding videos like the one posted here a while ago)and I hpoe that's it....
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    I'm 25 days out, and I have to: Create all music playlists Do 2nd fitting, and any additional ones needed Find lingerie for dress Have final meeting at the venue Attend shower (Sat.!) Send out shower thank yous Find a second, party dress for the wedding Contact all the people who haven't RSVP'd Buy some little vases for flowers in bathrooms, etc. Pick up marriage license Uggh. THat's just what I can think of at the moment. I feel completely overwhelmed.
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    I'm an October bride — next October. I'm looking forward to the next month so I can get an idea of what we might be able to expect in terms of weather. It's Oct. 2, so we may be able to hit the tail end of Indian summer.How did you guys manage dealing with planners and vendors as your planning went through peak season? Did they get distracted?
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    I have 30 something days left since I we are getting married on Halloween. I still have to: -Decide on what we're going to eat, we're having our reception at home and our guest list is small. We're thinking that most people will have eaten before hand so it's just a matter of finger food really. -Finalize a play list -Get the Mr. to a mens store to try on vests -Meet with our JP. We have her booked but we haven't met her. -Meet with our photograher. She's a friend of the families so we know her and her work well it's just a matter of deciding where we want to go and what style we all dig. - Order cupcakes. Our baker said 2 weeks in advance was all they needed. I am sure I will run into more things along the way but that's all I can think of for now.
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    i have 3 weeks ahh! to do: print up seating plan and attach to board finalize things with DJ make the last of the name tags bag up, tie pretty ribbon, and add recipe to over 200 cookies (that wont happen till about 2 days before the wedding :P) Drink lots of wine lol Pick up wine for the night before and the nights after at hotel Make a day of schedule write the thank you speech get vases for the bouquets get my mum to stop inviting people because she feels bad lol and Show up! im pretty sure im missing something, i mean theres always something but thats what i can remember lol
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    I've got nine days left to go and things are starting to get a little frantic. It doesn't help that I got REALLY sick this week and had to rechedule my hair trial and picking up my dress. Oh well, everything will work out, and if some things don't happen? Not a big deal! We already had to scrap doing OOT bags because I just ran out of time.
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