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Any reviews on Oheka Castle

Hi, has anyone been to or had their wedding at Oheka castle in Long Island? Specifically, how was the food and service and is worth the $300 per plate price tag?

Re: Any reviews on Oheka Castle

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    i've been to tons of events there. the food is good. is it 300 a plate good plus the quite large site fee? in my opinion-no. the place is very pretty and the cocktail hour area is very very nice but the ballroom is pretty vanilla as far as im concerned. if you want something similar check out the vanderbilt in centerport and coindre hall in huntington. both are excellent.


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    I've attended a luncheon and a private auction at the castle.  It is very pretty and the food was good, but at $300 a plate...Yikes!  There's another mansion style wedding offered by Lessings on the South Shore.  If you haven't made a firm decision as yet, also check out The Thatched Cottage in Centerport.  You can have the beautiful place to yourself, the food is described as "top shelf" by all who have been there, and all your guests are served dinner at the same time by their exclusive waiters.  Also see the free deposit ad for same on this site - it's legit.  Good luck.
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