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Massachusetts-Cape Cod

Save the dates

Anyone know where to get affordable Save-the-date's? Or any ideas on ones I could make myself with a Cape Cod theme?
September 25, 2010!

Re: Save the dates

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    It all depends on what you're looking to do - if you want something formal with a common look/theme throughout your Save-the-dates, invites, response cards, etc, you can find packages online that may work for you. For us ... We are going to finalize the venue in the next couple of weeks, and once we do we are going to purchase a bunch of Cape Cod postcards to utilize as S-t-D's, and put stickers that cover the back that has the info/picture and address of the recipient. You can buy full-sheet stickers at Staples/Office Max (Avery makes them for sure) and then cut with a pair of scrapbooking scissors if you want a fancy edge. We are really trying for a pretty casual vibe (and our wedding is small - about 60 guests), so I thought it would be fun and something different.
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    Hey!I found these STDs after I had sent mine out but instead used this idea to make shower invites. I thought it was so cute and if you are up to a DIY it probably wouldn't be so expensive. In my bio I have what I did (I made the paper part myself and then I bought magnets from vista print) It was really cheap and I thought they were pretty cute :) Good luck!http://www.broadwaypaper.com/etcetera/design_tips/images/NauticalSaveTheDate_Big.jpg
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    after i picked my invites, I found matching cardstock to bulk buy on line and will be making my own STDs (simpler than making my own invites, so I somehow think it will be manageable). There are DIY kits, but I find these limited in colors - maybe i'm not checking the right sites. But apparently, there is someone on the cape who will help you design DIY cards so you end up doing most of it yourself and can personalize it without paying so much. I read about it in an earlier post, but am otherwise not helpful with a name.
  • jeniboujenibou member
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    I did mine on VistaPrint.com.  They have been having a big sale where you can get 100 "postcards" for free (you just pay shipping).  I think it is still going on, but basically I found a nice design and put our save the date on the front and travel/accomodation info on the back. I am not sending them out as postcards, you can get envelopes for a couple of bucks.  But you could do it as a postcard as well.  Shipping was around $15.00.
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    I did mine on Vistaprint as a postcard. They should be here in a day or two.  I can e-mail you a picture once they come in if you would like.  They have shells on it and looked great online..plus I got the 100 Free so it just cost me shiping..
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    I did the same thing as jenni and they came out great!  The total was $18.00 for 100 postcards (which included shipping, uploading my own design, a proof and printing).  The website is really easy to use and I got them in under a week (even though the cheaper shipping say up to 14 days!).  I'd be happy to send one of my save the dates so you can see the quality of the printing and cardstock, or if you want I can email you [email protected]~Kaitlyn
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