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I can't believe how long this board has been up and yet no one is on it! try this site for fun Green brides!, what are you doing to make your wedding green?Lets give each other support and ideas!My wedding is in 18 days and so far we've:recycled gold for bandsbought a used wedding dressplanning on having recycling bins using bamboo plates (which decompose after 4-6 months in a compost pile) and recycled plastic utensilsUsed a website for guests to RSVP (which I would completely recommend)Burrowed a lot of decorations from friends Growing our own centerpiecesbought clothes FI and witnesses could wear againand used real (local) flowers

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  • Hi ladies! We're planning a somewhat- green wedding, but I don't have EVERYthing planned yet. So far, I'm going to: Minimize cut flowers in the CPs- using cut flowers in 3-5 bud vases at 1/2 of the tables (bud vases keeps # of stems necessary down) and hostas in milk glass bowls at the rest (but I keep adding a 3rd CP, changing my mind, going back lmao) Using local foods as much as possible, local bee and wine (no liquor allowed at our city-owned site) Ceremony and reception are in the same placeSadly, I have to drive 40 minutes to the location, but it's just about smack in the middle of Chris' family and mine (his is a little closer) That's it! I'm looking forward to seeing you ideas (and maybe stealing them lol) thanks in advance, ladies! :)
    Steph and Chris, 6/26/10
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  • Hi ladies! I love this little board, these ideas are great. I am trying to be as green as I can. We are using simple invites, with none of that tissue junk; our RSVPs and Save the Date's will be via email.  I am primarily using apples as my table decorations, which I will donate to a shelter along with all my left over food from the reception. I hope to buy my dress used. My maid's dresses will all be able to be worn again. Our ceremony and reception will be in the same location and all my OOT guests are staying at the same hotel so they will be able to carpool.It's not much but every little bit helps. :)
  • I'm doing the best I can to plan my wedding as greenly as possible. I plan to: buy a plain used dress that my grandmother will embellish; have bridesmaids wear a dress they already own (black); make origami bouquets and centerpieces (from recycled paper as much as possible); have the ceremony and reception in the same location to minimize travel; have site as close to hotels as possible for OOTs; have site at a location (either art gallery or aquarium) that will require minimal decoration; use decoration (as needed) recycled from friends weddings at the same location (mostly potted plants); kegs instead of cans or bottles Luckily I have lots of time to come up with more green ideas. Good luck to everyone!
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