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check list and venting PIP

So we booked our venue! Our wedding is at the Biltmore 1/16/11. It is exactly our vision of what we have both FI and I for our wedding. I also ordered my dress today!!! I am so excited.

For the BM i want to get a deep purple gown and I have asked the mother's to wear silver. My FI's Step-mother keeps asking me and him if she also has to wear silver. I have told her many time YES! She then had the FFIL call and ask his son if she is involved in the wedding party b/c if not then she wont wear silver. I told FI to tell FFIL that even though she is a step-mother she is still going to be my FMIL and YES she must wear silver.
I know right now there are not many silver dresses but we have been told July/Aug. silver dresses will be coming in. Am I asking too much from the mother's?

We have looked around at photographers and now we are stuck on 2 that we like. Rodrigo Varela and Alain Martinez I do not know which one to choose, any help please???

The band is the next step we are on. I want a band to play during the reception. We need many different styles of music. Jewish, Spanish, 80's, oldies, and hip-hop/R&B.  I have looked at heatwave has anyone used them or heard of them?

I want to send out STD. I have designed them myself on Publisher but not sure if they need more touch up. I am going to make them into magnets. The background is white but I was thinking of making it Silver/Grey. Opinions please

Bottom says: Follow our footsteps to the wedding: www.
                                   Formal Invitation to Follow

Well planning is moving a long and we are so happy.
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Re: check list and venting PIP

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    Kare Bear,

    I am also a Biltmore Bride. Feel free to email me if you have questions. mrsbograyq @ gmail.com.

    As for photographers, Alain is mine and I adore him. He shot my friend's wedding and did a fantastic job. He is very creative and has shot the Biltmore many times.  As for Roy, he is also amazing. He also shoots the Biltmore on a regular basis and his work his consistently great.

    I think it really depends on what you want in your photos and how you get along with them. But either way, you will have beautiful photographs
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    BTW, as for the mother's, I have not dictated what they need to wear, only that it shouldn't clash with the color scheme (and for my mother, she can't wear red). The same goes for my sisters who are not in the bridal party, but will be a part of the wedding. This has worked well so far and everyone wants to make sure I'm okay with what they are wearing. I've learned from watching many friends get married, that trying to control everything, down to what everyone is wearing, will only lead to disappointment and too many bridezilla moments.

    Take my advice with a grain of salt, but there's my 2 cents.
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    thats the same same color scheme i am doing!!! yay!!! as for bands i would check out music machine,music associates
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    I didn't pick a color.. my colors are Gold, whites, and a pinch of plum from here and then.  My mom will be wearing a bronzy brown. FI's mother. **cough** who hasn't been involved at all. doesn't want to wear brown or gold... she only wears black. I've come to the point to say. I don't care. She's the one that will look foolish. 
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    Hi, that's my wedding date too!  Congrats on the checks!
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    I just had my mom and FMIL pick together what would look good with the wedding.  I originally thought about grey but several people told me it ages women.
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     I am  a Biltmore Bride too .Check my Photographer Roy LLera he is fantastic.Where are going to be you ceremony in the same venue.My previus wedding day was on Oct 3 but we moved the date to Feb 26 2011 .Email me if you want at [email protected]
  • twinkle82576twinkle82576 member
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    Congrats. on all the wonderful checks. And I agree w/Shannon, that trying to control too much sometimes backfires. Maybe letting the mom's pick what they want to wear, and just running it by you is a better idea.
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    Congrats on the venue!  I love January 16....that's my I birthday!!! 
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    Congrats on all the checks!

    Now ... approach the mother situation carefully. Give them options. I gave both mothers a palette of colours to choose from that would not clash with the wedding colours, and that kept everybody happy. If you give no options you will find someone will be like "Err ... yellow? I look washed out in yellow." for example. So talk to FI and see how to soothe his mama. You're family now, you don't want any drama :)
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    thank you so much ladies. I am going to go today to a fabric store down in miami and get some swatches to give to the mothers. This way they can see what I have in mind and they can go from there.

    My grandma bought her dress already and she kept with the theme. It is an iridescent purple/silver gown. Now the FI is asking if his grandma should also be in the color scheme. I wasn't going to tell the grandma's how to dress but now I am going to call my Future-grandma and tell her the color scheme and she can do what she wants. I just don't want here to get the day of the wedding and she says no one told me the colors I would have matched better.
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  • ayanapoohayanapooh member
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    Congrats on the great checks!
  • bears4lifebears4life member
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    Congrats hun! The girls gave you great advice. Both photographers are amazing and check out Tal Productions/Shalom Band
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    Awesome awesome checks girl!!! So awesome it had to be said twice! You're moving a long nicely! You're just 1 week before me!
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  • sambrefe67sambrefe67 member
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    awesome! i love the STD! they are great!  As for the moms, sit down and think is silver something they have to?  Is there anyway you can give them a few choices? Maybe once she tries a Silver dress on she will feel better.  Can you go shopping with her? Its so hard when its family, and they decide they want to be difficult!! errr LOL GL!!
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