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Can anyone tell me about their experiences with Frank King Photography? My fiance and I just received our contract with them in the mail and I'm getting nervous all of a sudden to sign it. My friend used them for her wedding in August and she liked them but I wanted to see what others thought. We did have them put in the contract who our photographer would be so that there wouldn't be a question about it later. (We asked for Wic b/c he did my friend's wedding). Please let me know!

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    we signd with wic. he is highly reccommended. go and sign it! i havent gotten married yet. but I know a friend who used them and her pictures were so beautiful
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    we signed with sean- so far no problems but my wedding isnt for another 2 weeks... good to hear that you two had good experiences! i think the pictures online are beautiful so that made me feel good. good luck!
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    Funny you asked, this because we just had Wic as our wedding photographer on Saturday!!  Wic was very nice and did his best to get everyone organized although we didn't have a lot of time.  I thought that 7hrs total would be enough, but with him only taking photo for 1.5 hrs before the ceremony, it seemed a bit rushed since we were inside and had to move everything around.  We didn't get too many of just the two of us.But he did take any photos we asked him to take, but maybe not really many casual unposed photos before the wedding. Overall, he seemed fine to work with, but I still wish I had looked around more for more of a photo journalist style photographer.  We did have a second photographer for getting ready shots until Wic got there and I am so glad that he was there!We haven't seen any proofs yet, so I guess that will be the final factor on how he did.HTH! 
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