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Hey hey! I'm pretty newly engaged, and I'm originally from GR, live in Charleston, SC but am getting married back at home. My mom is doing a lot of the legwork for me for planning, and booked the bakery and restaurant, so were having our reception in the Pearl Room at McFadden's. I love how the Pearl Room looks online in pics - with all of the hardwood and brick walls and such. Has anyone been to a reception or party there, and if so can you tell me any unique decor ideas you saw while there?

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    Misssheena, I have not been to a reception at Mc Faddens, however, my 10 year class reunion was there. It is kind of a cool room. I feel like if I remember correctly, there are a few pillars in the room that may make it hard for people to see everything. I was not that impressed with the food, but that may have been what our choice was. One thing you may want to think about is the fact that you ahve to walk into the bar to get upstairs...I would feel bad asking my grandparents to do that...but, that is my family. Good luck with the plans!
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    Hey there!  Congrats and welcome!  We looked at the Pearl Room when we were planning, but it wasn't big enough for the amount of people we were having.  I love the room and the modern, chic feel it has.  Since the walls are black, you almost have a blank slate - I would definitely try to use pops of color in your decorating.  I would see if they can move some tall cocktail tables to the area behind the fireplace where the couches are and make that like a lounge area (then get some long colored linens for the cocktail tables)... that's all I can think of specifically, though!Also, there is an elevator in the back of the restaurant that goes up to the third floor (where the Pearl Room is) only, so don't worry about elderly guests having to go up the stairs!We ended up having my bridal shower on the second floor, and we got a lot of compliments on the food.  I've only eaten lunch there, so I'm not sure what the dinner options were, but based on PP response - just make sure you do a thorough tasting before you pick your choices!  The coordinator, Erin, is really nice and my sister really liked working with her for my shower.Hope that helps!
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    I am getting married Oct. 8th 2009 and we booked the pearl room for our reception. I have really enjoyed working with Erin and look forward to my big day. We decided to go with a sit down dinner, and were able to taste test the food. It was marvelous!! I love the black and brick in the room, it works with any decor and you don't have to spend much and decorating since the room is already so beautiful. We are haveing a few couches for lounging as well as some cocktail tables set up by the the fireplace. There are is a stairwell or elevator available to your guests. I can let you know more after our wedding!! Good Luck!
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