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Im getting married next October. And im wearing a dress with capped sleeves.
Unfortunately over the years I  have gotten a lot of scars. I pick at everything (such a bad habit ahh) and have a lot of scars on my arms. Im looking for some kind of treatment or cream. Any ideas will help.

I've tried Mederma and it does work. it just hard because they are just random small scars and putting the gel on is hard to do.

I was wondering if anyone has used a lotion that they have liked or had a good experience with

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Scarring

  • I've used Clinique's lightner serum, which works pretty well over the course of 4-10 weeks but it is $50 for a small tube. Don't pick!!!! I'm a recovered picker.... lol life is better without picking.

    If they are on your arms, they make silicone sheets at CVS that work too that you can wear under clothing that help and are not expensive at all, I used those once before for a dark scar from a cut on my leg and it helped a lot. HTH!
  • Stop picking! I used to be bad at that in high school.

    I have heard coccoa butter works. I have used Mederma for a scar and really liked it, it just takes a while to see results.
  • all pp had good idea that do work... but for a cheaper fix i have found that a lotion with vitamin and cocoa butter work... massage(with pressure) it into the area for a couple minutes... it helps the skin heal
  • Vitamin E works great. You get can Vitamin E at almost any drug store, grocery store, or Ulta.  Make sure you get one that says "Pure Vitamin E Oil" and the ingredient list should say: Vitamin E.  That's it.  Just VItamin E. 
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  • I agree Vitamin E oil and Ambi fade cream
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