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Not sure of an outdoor wedding..

Fiance's parents have a lovely backyard that i've been dying to do the recetpion and ceremony in. But I live in Viringa and not sure if i want to chance all the weather factors. Rain/ cold factors. And the house is an older style, so it wouldn't work too well to move everything inside. Fortunitely it's a small wedding, i'm at about 60 people now. I've thought about pushing the date to the next month (it'll be warmer) or have the wedding date (4/8/2012) and then having an alternate date also on the invites just in case. but my mom feels that people won't "commit" to coming then. Really in the need of ideas!

Re: Not sure of an outdoor wedding..

  • I don't think an alternate date is a good idea, especially if you are having any out of town guests at all.  I know I wouldnt commit to coming to a wedding from out of town (even if thats only an hour or so) if the wedding might be one date or might be a few weeks later depending on if it is going to rain.  Even in-town guests might find this unreasonable because you would be asking them to basically reserve 2 different weekends for your wedding.  How far in advance would you cancel if there were a forecast of rain - 5 days? the night before? the day of?  Changing plans on people with that little notice seems wrong to me.

    I'd pick a venue/date where you feel confident about the weather/temperature and where you have an acceptable rain plan - no matter the month, there's always a chance of rain.  Just my opinion.  

  • mdphd is right on.  I dont know if this matters or not but 4/8/2012 is Easter Sunday. This may keep people from attending. If you want to use the yard go with a warmer time of year or maybe a tent with a heater?  It's a gamble.  I think the alt date is confusing.  Pick a date that meets your wants and needs and go from there. 
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