Rehearsal dinner places in Austin

Hi,I am new to this board.  I currently live in NJ and am planning a wedding in Austin in January 2010.  I used to live in Austin so am familiar with some of the places.  I am looking for a semi-upscale place for a rehearsal dinner (think Roaring Fork, Castle Hill, etc.) that can do a buffet style dinner to fit 50+ people.  Does anyone have any ideas?  Thanks!

Re: Rehearsal dinner places in Austin

  • SarahPLizSarahPLiz member
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    I havent been there in a long time, but Pecan Street Cafe on 6th offers private rooms with buffet service. Their per-person costs seemed reasonable when i looked.
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    Sidenote- I currently live in NY state and am planning an Austin wedding. High five for Austin knotties planning weddings from the Northeast.
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  • shanwalk2shanwalk2 member
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    Not sure if it's upscale enough for what you're looking for, but we had ours at Iguana Grill on the lake and we were thrilled with the results.  We did fajita buffet -- but I think you can personalize the event to offer what you want.I was a January 09 bride, and it was great weather in Austin, and will be muuuuuch warmer than NJ!
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    Definitely check out the Moon Shine Grill that can take up to around 50 people, their food is awesome. Also look at Z Tejas, they have a separate room for private events that can hold 70, we're having our rehearsal dinner there in December
  • lynnyrd80lynnyrd80 member
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    We had ours at Moonshine and it was awesome!  The food is so delish, upscale southern food and they have great cocktails.  We only had 24 for our rehersal dinner, so were able to use the Sunday house.  I think for your number, you would probably have to use the covered patio, which is great too.  They were also really easy to work with.
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  • LauraUT07LauraUT07 member
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    We're having ours at Iron Cactus on 6th, but we also looked into Parkside, Moonshine, ZTejas, and the Belmont.
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    What about Chez Zee or Threadgills?  I believe both have private rooms.
  • ellak78ellak78 member
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    Thank you all for your suggestions.  I like the Parkside and Z Tejas ideas.  If anyone has any other suggestions in the same vein, please let me know.  Thanks!
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