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This weekend we got a lot done. And as much as I hate the "checks!" posts, well, flame me now. Because this is one of those posts :)Our RSVP due date was last Thursday. We had a pretty decent idea on who was coming and who was not. We called the people who had not RSVP'd and confirmed they were not coming.  Yay! So we were able to get our final number and do the seating chart. Sunday J's sister came over with her daughter and boyfriend's daughter (9 & 18). They asked if I needed anything and offered to help with our favors. So the 4 of us filled 60 skull decorated goodie bags of nostalgic candy in the afternoon. Whoot! It was so awesome of them to help. The 9 year old did all the kids bags and had a blast doing them! (PIB under details, I think). Anyone else get anything done over the weekend?

Re: Productive Weekend

  • Nope lol but I should've haha
  • I thought about doing stuff... does that count?  FMIL threw me a shower on Saturday.  It was all kinds of awkward because I don't know most of FI's extended family, so I kept not knowing who to thank when I opened things.  Also, apparently none of them know how to use a registry, either.  I got three identical candy thermometers and two meat thermometers.  I got two identical sets of ceramic mixing bowls, not registered for.  Two crock pots, one registered, one not.  And although I registered for a particular knife block set (which someone did purchase) I also got one that looks like the handles will fall off the first time I use one.  On the bright side, the things I didn't ask for that were awesome were two sets of sheets, a bucket of margarita mix to accompany the margarita glasses that are in the mail, and a skeleton bride and groom candle holder.I also outsourced my clay fiddlehead fern project to someone on Etsy instead of worrying about doing it myself.  Hooray!
  • We finally purchased all of the candy for our candy bar (I have a feeling we purchased too much!!!), finalized meetings with florist and photog. I have a list of songs compiled for DJ (if said DJ ever decides he wishes to call me back). Fathers wedding gift is done, have not purchased but decided on Mom's and FMIL gift, nephew (ring bearer) finally got his kilt (sooooo handsome!), menu's are printed and ready to be decorated, rehearsal dinner invites are done and ready to be mailed... and.... I FREAKIN CLEANED MY HOUSE!!! woot woot! Suck it Martha Stewart! What I have NOT done you may ask?? Set up an appointment with my hairdresser for my trial and day of stuffs....there is always tomorrow...
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  • Punk, you've got me beat by far. Amblizman, what's up? You seem so unenthused about the wedding lately :(
  • I found two sweet black glitter covered skulls at Wal Mart to go in with all our candles. My mom arranged a cake tasting while I was out of town...groan. She's determined for us to have a cake to cut even though we're going to have 6 dozen cupcakes. Oh well she's paying...who dosen't love free cake. I arranged for us to have our photos taken in a historic Victorian home here in town. I am beyond psyched about that. I had my make-up trial Thursday past and it looked awesome. I am so in love with it. The MAC artist was beyond excited about our theme and worked really hard to come up with something that fit. I was so glad not to have to fight with someone who was going to try and make me look too "bridal" We have a meeting with our JP tonight. I hope all goes well. Oh and we have major FMIL drama. But that's long and boring.
  • I am still excited about the wedding, it's just hard to have the energy sometimes.  About a year ago, my doctor at home diagnosed me with rheumatoid arthritis.  I've been on prescriptions that sort of help.  When I moved here with FI, I got new doctors, and new rheumatologist thinks it's more likely fibromyalgia.  My new general practitioner also sent me for a sleep study, which I went for, and the sleep doctor decided I need to go for a second sleep study next week.  I sleep 8-9 hours every night, and when I wake up, I feel worse than when I went to bed.  I'm beginning to worry that I'm putting all this work into one day and when it gets here, I'm going to be too exhausted to enjoy it, which makes it difficult to stay excited about.  Ok, I'm done whining for now.
  • Ambliz, that sucks. Sorry to hear that :(
  • That's awesome you got some help! So many people told me when we were first engaged that they'd help me out with this and that... and now with 2 months away its like a ghost town. LOL. O well. This past weekend didn't really do much wedding related, except we found a place for James' groomsmen to rent there suit from.  He's been lagging doing that so I finally took him... and when we left he's said that he just wanted me to go with him because its funner that way... I didn't beleive that one for a minute though. LOL.
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