beautiful but less expensive wedding

So I had a dream to get married at The Nittany Lion Inn in State College... then we read the prices... so that's out of the question.  They wanted to charge us for each individual drink!  $6 per glass of wine or mixed drink and $4.50 for each beer.  My family are quite the drinkers so our bill would be like $15,000... or more, who knows. Does anyone know of nice places in the Harrisburg/Hershey area that aren't super expensive?  I want a beautiful wedding but one that wont put me in too much debt. Help please!

Re: beautiful but less expensive wedding

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    you could do a cash bar?
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    Were getting married at Felicita Resort in Harrisburg, Its beautiful! Don't take the prices on the website though, we were able to neg down 50% of what was listed on the website so it became really affordable good luck~ Welsley
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    okay, your wedding date looks like it's not until August 2011.... take some time and check out some bridal expos down there. that'll really help!

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    We're having our reception in Lancaster at the a Hamilton Ballroom. I know that may be a little out of the way, but we have this great deal on alcohol. We buy all our own alcohol and they are only charging us for a bartender (like 75.00 for 5 hours) and they are charging us 5 dollars per person for the soda/juice bar. We are saving TONS of money because like you we have some drinkers. All the left over alcohol is ours, and we can either sell it back to the distributer if it isn't opened, or just keep it for other parties. That way we aren't wasting hundreds of dollars paying per person when some people won't even drink.
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    the Felicita looks beautiful!  How did you get the price lowered?  I didnt see any prices on the website so i dont really know what their starting price is.
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    the automobile museum in hershey is a nice place for a reception and you can purchase your own alcohol. my SIL bought a few cases of wine and liquor and a keg. (they got the liquor out of state because it was cheaper). and then bought mixers at costco like sodas, juices, etc. maybe that would lower your cost?
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    milestone inn is beautifulcivil war museumThe capitol is freeand the sunken gardens on front street is 70.00 for the permit/then u have to pay to rent the chairs
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    I had this same issue and couldn't believe the prices of food & an open bar and since we want to go all out for our honeymoon, my friend suggested the St. Lawrence Club in Steelton. It's your basic reception hall, but you can spruce it up the way you want it. You can do a buffet or a served dinner. You don't have to be a member, the hall manager is great to work with, the food is delicious, the mixed drinks are cheap, and they charge $150/keg.
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    I made sure I found a place that would allow me to purchase my own alcohol but I moved it to Berks County. I couldn't find anything in my price range that suited me. Someone said something about purchasing liquor out of state. Great idea but ask first! Sometimes they won't let you use the alcohol unless you show them your PA sales recipt. I came across 2 place that did that. Cornwall Inn in Lebanon is a nice place, it wasn't for me, but it was nice so there is an option I think they let you bring your own alcohol.
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