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Hi Ladies: Where have most of you, or are most of you, getting candles for your ceremony or reception? They are supplied at our reception, but I am looking for 30 pilar candles for our ceremony. I found a site that seems to be the most reasonable, but the ivory are out of stock until November 1st. I think that might be pushing it for our November 20th date. Any suggestions? I googled it and came up with a bunch of sites that are either very pricy or are "make your own".

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    I know there's a restaurant supply place in Ankeny.  You might try there...  We ended up getting a bunch of the LED candles from a restaurant supply place here in Ohio, and they had by far the best price we could find.  GL!
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    Hobby Lobby has them 50% off this week and there is no shipping fee because you can buy them at the store!!
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    we got our candles from and i was very happy with the results. You should be able to find some on there.
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    quickcandles was the website I found them on :).Good to know they are good quality. I am going to try their 800# today to see about ordering them now and having them backordered. The website wouldn't allow me to do this. We may try hobby lobby when my mom is with me this weekend in Des Moines if they are on sale. Thanks ladies.
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