NWR: Hoarders

Has anyone been watching this on A&E? I was trying to do wedding stuff online while this was on TV. Now I just want to clean my house!!!
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Re: NWR: Hoarders

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    I am an A&E junkie on Monday's. Intervention is always new. I felt bad for the old man in Hoarders.
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    I almost always feel bad for the people on Hoarders (with the exception of the people at risk of losing their children). I always get a squirmy/anxiety feeling when watching. I think it comes from seeing my family of pack rats. Nowhere near the extremes on the show, but my extended family loves to "collect" things. The funny part.. they actually pass stuff around to each other! I'm always offered things like shoes that aren't my size :)I watch Intervention too. I guess I AM a reality show junkie after all!
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  • tbr0914tbr0914 member
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    OMG, this show is crazy.  The people need real mental help, I feel so bad for them, except when they are mean!  I also get that creey feeling when watching it, and it makes me want to clean my house!
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    I am addicted to A&E! I love all of the shows.  It is so hard for me to think that people can let it get this bad.  I too had the urge to completely clean and organize my house after watching it.
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    ive never watched this show, but i LOVE intervention. have any of you A&E lovers seen "obsessed"? DH's cousin was on that show like a month ago.
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