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Hello Gals, I'm excited to get started...this will be my first post on the Knot board, and I hope to be a part of this group.  I'm not officially engaged yet but soon I will be :-) and we are planning a June/July 2010 wedding so I was told by friends and family that I should get going already.I'm hoping some of you ladies can help me, I'm looking for a reception place to have my wedding IN LONG ISLAND. I'm having a problem finding what I want, which is a beach location that might offer Kosher food at a reasonable rate? I look forward for any feedback...Thanks!

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    Welcome and congrats marina!! We're glad to have you here! I know that I love the Crescent Beach Club, though I'm unsure about Kosher catering. Same goes for Land's End. My friend is getting married there next August! This is a pretty good list of a lot of Rception venues on LI along with pricing and some specs! Good luck!
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    HI Dear! Congrats on the *almost* engagement! I am getting married Oct 2010 at The Crescent Beach Club in Bayville and its phenomenal! The wedding planner Denise is so great and the place is absolutely breathtaking....have you figured out a budget? If so, there are alot of places that have the perfect beach atmosphere, just depends on how much per head you are looking at....Jess
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    By the way, Crescen Beach Club does have kosher catering. As well as Beach Club Estate in Ronkonkoma! Good luck!
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    Hi Ladies,Thanks for your your feedback.  Since I have only about 100 people seems like the rate is pretty high.  I called the Cresent actually last week, they would only do Kosher on a Wed. or Thr.  I wanted to do it at least on a Sunday.  I guess I will keep looking but the Cresecent really looks beautiful, my kind of place. :)Thanks!Marina
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    Gurney's East By Northeast, Harvest all in Montauk Atlantica in Westhampton, Trumpets in eastport You can always hire a mobile caterer and pick your spot, I was told Food For Forks does a lot of beach events. Michael at East End Entertainment is refered me to these vendors. See his website for more information. He also is very knows his music and covers all the details. Good Luck E
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    we're getting married at sephardic temple. the rates were very reasonable, and the caterer is beyond accomodating. it's not on the beach, though. and it may be too big for 100 people.
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    Welcome!  I had heard that the Cresthollow Country Club has a lot of kosher food.  The only thing is that it is not on the water.  I am getting married and having my reception at the Bayview House at Captain Bills which is on the water and it is gorgeous, but I am not sure about the kosher food.
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