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Enagement Party timing question

Hi everyone! I am from Australia and recently got engaged to the most wonderful man! He took me to the movies with all our friends one day, he had prepared his proposal on video which came up during the previews! All the lights came on and he got down on one knee beside me and presented me with this beautiful ring! It was magical, I'm so happy! Aaaanyway! I have been noticing that everyone's first question after finding out about our engagment is "so, when's the big day?". I just keep saying "We only got engaged a week or so ago, we're just getting over the excitement first!". With that in mind, is it possible to have an engagement party to celebrate our big decision without having actually organised anything to do with the wedding? Has anyone done this before? Or has everyone waited until the have the wedding semi-sorted before organsing a celebration of their engagment? I would appreciate anyone's views!

Re: Enagement Party timing question

  • We had our engagement party about a month after we got engaged.... we didn't really know anything about what we wanted, except that we wanted it to be next summer sometime. Of course we got a million questions that night about our plans, but they were perfectly happy with our "we're not sure yet" answers. No one expects you to have it all figured out right away. Enjoy the afterglow :)
  • I'd wait and see what whomever is throwing you the party says.
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