Anyone use a "dummy cake"?

I've heard of a lot of people doing this for the first few layers, but I am having a hard time finding bakers that do this!

Re: Anyone use a "dummy cake"?

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    Hy-Vee does it. We almost went this route, but ended up having a friend make our cake instead.
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    My mom is a caterer and does fake layers on cakes as requested. You can find her here:
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    Amber...that is such a coincidence.  I just talked to one of my friends (who has family from Weeping Water) who is using your mom.  I literally just sent her an email!
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    this is usually done when u have a small guest list but want the "big cake" look. I know that the lady at arbor hall will do it (i'm pretty sure she is one of the vendors on the cake vendor list under another name that i cant remember but i'm sure if you go to the arbor hall website-until ceremony/reception sites on here you will find it)
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