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My wedding is this weekend, and the forecast doesn't look great :(  (crossing my fingers)My ceremony is outside at my parents farm, and the reception is 15 mins away.  In case of rain, we are going to have the ceremony at the reception hall, but I'm not sure how to tell people the change of plans.  On our wedding website we did say where the ceremony would be held if rain.....but it might be raining where they are, and not at the the farm, or vice versa.  So I'm not we leave someone at the ceremony site and they can tell people...or leave a sign....or what should we do?  Any ideas?I'm really hoping we don't have to go with Plan B....I don't mind the cold...just not the rain!

Re: In Case of Rain?

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    Contact as many people as you possibly can by email or phone to let them know. Since the rain decision will most likely be a day-of decision, you'll definitely need to prepare some signage as well. Try to place it in a really obvious spot close to where people would park, and also have some at the actual ceremony site. If you do have to move your ceremony, be prepared to start a little late in case people are punctual getting to your ceremony site, only to have to spend another 15 mins heading over to the reception hall.If you have someone available to stay at the ceremony site that would be really helpful too, I'm sure!Your guests will figure it out, I'm sure. Don't worry :)Good luck!!
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