We are getting married Oct 2010 and are curious who you are having cater, we need to set up appt's with caterers around town soon.Thx

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    We used Petrow's Restaurant. They were awesome, Brian was really easy to work with and the food is homemade so it was fantastic. It was really reasonably priced as well.
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    Thank you, I will for sure look into them!
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    Be careful going with restaurants.  Make sure they have experience in catering your size guest list.  We used Wheatfields and they ran out of food (among other issues).I've heard good things about Catering Creations, Eddies, and Attitude on Food to name a few.
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    I second Mangia Italiana!  I've worked with Tony & his wife Dana for years in corporate event planning.  Great people, great service, amazing food. I'd also recommend that you think about how you want the cater to appear (if that matters to you).  Hap Abraham will always come in black and white "tuxes".  They essentially have a monopoly on Omaha's catering at various locations though so you may get stuck with them pending on where you go. Likewise, Brandeis is common about town and also does well as does Levy. Things to consider is not only their experience but also their commitment to you.  I.e. there may be a great tasting new catering company that fits your budget and they may only cater to your event and do just as great a job as a bigger name catering company. I've worked with lots of different catering companies and can honestly say that everyone from Hy-Vee to Mangia to Attitude on Food or Catering Creations and many inbetween all do a fantastic job.  I can't think of anyone off the top of my head that I wouldn't recommend. We are considering Mangia (good friends now), Jazz and Nicola's for our rehearsal dinner that will  be at Regency Lake and Tennis Club. Make sure you enjoy the food and trust the contact and you should be all set!  Good luck!
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    Attitude on Food is doing my wedding this weekend and I cannot wait. Melissa is awesome to work with and the food (at the tasting) was awesome. There are tons of options and they are more than willing to do a custom menu.
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    We had Justin Thyme cater our wedding, and they were great! Only about $10/plate for two entrees, two sides, two salads, and dinner rolls. Everyone loved the food.
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    Thank you everyone!! I will look into all mentioned!
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    We are having Pasta Amore. Very reasonably priced for the quality of the food, and they have tons of experience catering. They used to hire out their own servers, but I think now you have to do that separately. It's still a really good value for the money.
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