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Invite all children?

What are your thoughts-  If we are going to invite children from one family do we need to invite children from all families?  The plan is to invite the children of friends and family but not our co-workers' children?  Do you think the co-workers will be upset? 

Re: Invite all children?

  • jobiannjobiann member
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    We were selective on the children we wanted to attend.  It is all how your address the invitation.  If we wanted their kids to attend we put Mr. & Mrs. Joe Smith & Family or Mr. & Mrs. Joe Smith & Johnny, Susie.For those we didn't we just put Mr. & Mrs. Joe Smith.  However, as I'm finding out right now some people will RSVP for whomever they want...grandchildren, their kids' boyfriend, etc.  Then you have to decide if it is worth a phone call to ask, why did you RSVP for six, when there is only four in your family?  Or why did you RSVP for four when it was only addressed to two.  My advice is to pick your battles.  If you really want no kids, then note, adult reception only.  Good luck!

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    I think the "rule" is that if you invite some children, you should invite them all. I, however, broke the rule. :-/ My young cousins who I love and am close with have all been invited, because I can't imagine NOT having them there. But, for other parts of the family that we're not as close with, we invited only the parents. And coworkers/friends were also no kids. And honestly, the coworkers/friends didn't want to bring their kids anyway.We did have to deal with a couple little things with the part of the family that didnt have kids invited, but it was minimal. Like PP said, pick your battles. Good luck!
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    I agree, the norm is to invite all kids if you invite some. We are too breaking this, sorta. Our invites are only going to Mr and Mrs.... No & kids, & family, or listing other attendees names. Our RSVP card offers a spot for them to bring children, and tell us how many. Though my FI has been telling his friends that while kids are welcome, it isnt' going to be an overly kid friendly reception. Most of our friends are opting for a kid free weekend themselves and not bringing their kids along. The kids from the WP will for sure be there, and I am sure his cousins will all show up with their families of 5 or 6 in tow. So there isn't a great way to fight it.
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    We invited all kids, because yes, we had kids that would be in the wedding party and felt bad to invite some and not others...but luckily we didn't have many kids at all...probably because most were traveling, they got sitters...
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    i am having the dilemma as well. my mom and i have agreed that the remedy will be to put "We have reserved # seats in your honor" on the response card so that the family or single knows either not to invite a guest, or that their children are not invited. since we need to have a strict guest list (only invite 130) we are inviting family children only. hope this helps, good luck!
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