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Hey Ladies! I need vow help!!! My wedding is on October 11th and we still dont' have vows! We had to write our ceremony because our friend is marrying us. I don't want the repeat after me vows. What are the best vows you have ever heard?? Thanks! erin


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    Have you tried writing your own? We are - and there is no "repeat after me" at all in there - our JP just said we have to mention in the vows that we are entering into marriage, not just a friendship or something - so we're just adding "Name, today I take you as my wife/husband." Here's a post where we talked about vows awhile back: [url]http://talk.theknot.com/boards/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=62126723[/url] HTH!
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    Don't worry, not a crisis... you have time if you want to write your own. Ours is Oct 10 and FI is still working on his. He was sick so I cut him some slack, but... he's starting to feel better now so he better look out. ;-) Tips: to get you thinking, you could ask yourself when it was you knew you were in love with him. When you knew you wanted to spend the rest of your life with him. That got me thinking about the things I loved most about FI and the kind of wife I wanted to be... Anyway, GL!
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