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Can you just walk in David's Bridal?

I am having a horrible time with dress shopping. I think part of it is I really hate the "individualized attention" from the salesperson and having an audience. I despise shopping the best of times, and I especially dislike doing it with other people. I know DB has lots of off the rack stuff. Is it possible to not make an appointment, and just try it on, like a regular store?

Re: Can you just walk in David's Bridal?

  • It depends how busy they are really.  I went in a few times and a couple they wouldn't let me try anything on because they didn't have a consultant available and other times they were able to accomodate me.  If you're just going to walk in I would suggest going on a weekday - weekends get kind of crazy and I doubt that you can just walk in.  Your best bet really is to just make an appointment.

  • I did this at Group USA, if you want another option.
  • You'll probably have better luck walking in during the week, usually the weekends are crazy, so they may try to have you make an appointment. I did both, if they're not to crazy you can look around and then possibly try on.
  • I just walked in, and it was packed (Labor Day weekend)! But I got a room and an amazing consultant!
  • Thanks everyone! I had planned on doing it on a weekday. So, I think I'll give it a try. At the very least, I can browse and see what styles are out there.
  • Just go in and tell them....I appreciate your service, but I like to take my time and shop alone.  So maybe if you could help bring the dresses, I would like to have some alone time while trying them on. Their feelings won't be hurt and you will get the alone time you need.
  • i took my mom with me, and we pretty much told the consultant we would get her if we needed her. she would grab dresses that i had picked out from the catalogue, and bring them to us, and take dresses we didn't want, but we told her we didn't really need any help. she was understanding, and i was in and out of dresses fast and got the dress i wanted. :) i would just explain to them how you feel. however, i do suggest taking someone with you that understands how you are, because getting in and out of the dresses by yourself is actually tiring and kind of hard. HTH and GL :)
  • I just walked in and it was fine. DB isn't known for individualized attention (depending on the location) even when you have an apptmt. But they do have some purdy dresses! Good luck!
  • I made an appointment for a Sunday , as soon as it opened so it wasn't so crazy and my consultant had atleast 1 other brides at the same time so she wasn't all over me. I had pics of the ones that I liked and then she pulled some that she thought I'd like after those were no's.But the other bride and I were talking and she just walked in.
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