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Hello everyone,One of my friends is getting married here.  She is confused as to what the "service fee/service charge" is.  Do you have to tip on top of this...I'm thinking no.thanks.

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    from their website, i would think yes, you do have to tip on top of that. the packages on their website don't "include" service that it says. it just says to add 20% service and to add tax. my thought is that the 20% is exactly what it says...a service charge that pays the waitstaff. does it say anything in her contract? she should make sure to clear it up before her wedding!!! (and i've heard maneeley's is awesome! one of DH's coworkers is related to the owners and they do state police functions all the time!)
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    I'm thinking that's the venues tip... but I'm not certain. I didn't tip anyone at our venue anything extra above our contracted amount.  the only people I tipped was:hair, makeup, limo driver. we're still waiting on our photo album but we'll give something to our photographers once it's complete. HTH.  
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    My MOH got married at Maneeley's this past May. The service fee/service charge is NOT the tip. Unless the venue specifically states gratuity is included, definitely tip!
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