I love knotties!

I'll try to keep this short, but I feel the need to share.  As my family and bridal party are getting overly critical and clearly can't keep their negative thoughts to themselves - my knotties (and FI) are the only thing keeping me sane.  I have a local knottie here in NH who has really kept me going and kept me positive. You ladies are keeping the encouragement coming when I am needing it the most.  Thanks for being excited for me (and all the rest of us) and for encouraging when things are good but gently nudging when things aren't quite right, instead of snapping and criticizing.  I <3 knotties!

Re: I love knotties!

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    Thanks for the love! Don't let anyone's negativity or criticism get you down! Just keep thinking about how happy and excited you'll be to be married! I'm glad your FI is helping to keep you sane too. It's nice to have a rock to lean on.Good luck on the final days of planning and preparation!
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    I'm sorry to hear your family and bridal party are being difficult. Keep your chin up and remember we're here for you. At least you know no matter what your family or BP says over the next couple of weeks, the most important thing is that you'll be celebrating your marriage! You and FI must be so excited that your day is only two weeks away!
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    Man, family sucks sometimes! I swear-- it's like they have a license to be the exact opposite of helpful! Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!??!You always have us, though! Screw them all-- it's YOUR day and YOU'RE THE BOSS!! You and the FI are the only 2 opinions that matter and on your day, when everything is GORGEOUS, your family and BP will simply eat crow! That's what my family did! :-)
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    Aww Mel, I'm so sorry you're dealing with negativity from the people it hurts most to hear it from. I had so many family/bridal party issues near the end, people who didn't think we were going to be able to pull off what we were hoping for, mom clashing with my aunt, communication issues, etc. I was so grateful for the positivity on this board. Glad we're able to do the same for you!! <3
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