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Flowers for March wedding - what's in season (coral/peaches/salmon)

Help me brides! I'm freaking out. I love the coral/peach/salmon colors. But what flowers are in bloom in Texas in March? I'm thinking on burlap and lace table overlays but there is so much to choose from. I figure if I can choose an in season flower the coats won't be as outrageous as I want to order in bulk from Costso as I'll be doing the work...centerpieces, decor etc. HELP!
Give me your suggestions, ideas, pointers!


Re: Flowers for March wedding - what's in season (coral/peaches/salmon)

  • If you have a florist, they can totally point you in the right direction. If you're more particular about colors and not specific flowers you can save a lot of money.
    I basically told my florist: I love all white flowers, hate roses, anything else goes.

    She was able to take what was in season and I had beautiful white arrangements that were very affordable.
  • I love peach roses.  But I love roses period.  Maybe these will help:



    We've had several Knotties DIY their flowers but be aware that you will need help, and lots of it.
  • I ordered from Central Market and DIY-ed. I customized my order without having to order a ton of the same flower. I spent a little over $200 on all my floral and LOVED my flowers. 

    A few things I learned: 
    1. As Stephie said above, you will need help and lots of it. If possible, get your bouquets arranged by a florist. This was easy, but time consuming. A florist will have these ready to go the day of and look beautiful. 
    2. Flowers need water. Where are you going to keep your flowers until they are ready for your ceremony/reception? We picked ours up from Central Market the day before and luckily I had friends who lived close to my venue that GRACIOUSLY let us use  their fridge (read: multiple friends, multiple houses) and I had to go by and pick up the flowers the day of, take them to the venue and arrange them all. 
    3. What will you store your flowers in? Central Market was AWESOME and let me use their huge black containers, but will costco do that for you? 

    As for low-cost flowers, I HATE roses but ended up using these gorgeous garden roses that almost look like peonies. I used a sunset, blush, and french white garden rose. VERY cost effective. I also used babies breath, queen anne's lace, a few peonies (expensive), Dahlias (very expensive), and rannoclous (sp) (inexpensive). 

    Loved my flowers and loved that I saved so much money, but for logistics reasons, I would have chosen a low-cost florist if I could do it over again. 

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