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hey could you post the pic of the shoes you were asking about again?...I couldn't see them in your original post about ANY DECEMBER BRIDES...thx!  ;)

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    so ok your question was if we (the board) thought it would be odd if you get these shoes in a color instead of white or that right?
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    I forgot my question....well I guess I wanted some sort of reassurance on wearing a colored shoe. It seems every time I mention it to someone, I get the same reaction.I also like these...
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    I say go for the colored shoe.. I think it would make nice accent to your bridal look.. My 2 cents.. If this was your question....
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    here's the thing - alot of your wedding ideas are not going to be well received by "older or mature" women in your family because their vision of weddings is totally different from our modern or current version...girl if your gut and heart tells you to rock a colored shoe with your wonderful dress then DO YOU!!! the end you have got to please yourself and be happy with your decision, you don't wanna look back at your wedding day and say "man I should have gotten xyz instead of listening to my auntie or mom." btw -- I like your other shoe selection as well!  ;)
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    I figured that out. Regardless of how fab the older ladies are in my family, they are still old fashioned. Surprisingly enough, my mother (who by the way is not attending the affair) suggested that whatever color shoe I wear, make sure his tie & hanky match my shoe. I thought that was awesome.You know my Godmother to me that FI & I couldn't see each other the day before the wedding!!! All I could do was laugh! I was just thinking that we would just stay in the hotel since we're going there that thursday and I just leave him early saturday morning when I get my hair done and not see him until everything begins.I swear....everyone but me is turning this thing into a big traditional thing and I'm just cutting up all the traditions! 
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