last minute wedding concern

Okay, I was silly and didn't look for a backup location for pictures. They were supposed to be outside at Osgoode Hall but it's supposed to rain on Sat. Does anyone have any suggestions for indoor locations?

Re: last minute wedding concern

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    The Royal York? But I believe the fee is $250.  How about some of the UoT Buildings?  I'm getting married the weekend after at Hart House, and it has some interesting areas inside.  Sorry I can't be more helpful, but now you got me thinking, since they're forecasting rain for my day too...Crossing fingers for no rain this and next Saturday! ;)
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    the only places i can think of all charge a fee to go there. . . perhaps your photographer can give you some suggestions?
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    Eeep!  I am getting married on Sat too and we were going to have outdoor pictures.  Dangit!  Our back-up plan is the BCE place, but we had also considered St. Lawrence Market and Union Station.  They are a bit more urban but still ave some beautiful architecture.
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    Ooh, Union Station would be cool.
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    Ooh yes, my friends got great photos at Union Station (and the play on words was pretty cute too ;) ). I think you need to get a permit though, so look into that ASAP.I bet you could just walk into any of the office buildings in the financial district and do some cool modern-looking photos there. The financial district is a ghost town on weekends.Worst case scenario, does your reception venue have any spots you could use? Or does Osgoode Hall not let you use the building for photos?I wonder if Old City Hall allows pics.Anyway here's a website that I've posted here a million times but you may find some other good suggestions.[url][/url]Good luck!!
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    Osgoode Hall doesn't let you do indoor pictures because it is still open for use on the weekends and having wedding parties running through would be extremely distrupting to the lawyers doing research there.There are a few spots I think that we can do pictures at the venue if we have to. I think I might just cross my fingers and hope that the rain stops long enough for pictures. If not we'll do a combination between the church and the reception venue.Thanks for all the suggestions everyone!
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    BCE place and Union...great ideas!  I will consider those as my back up too.  BCE place is gorgeous and Union is just so cool, very Toronto and very Unique.  Both would be stunning.  Hope the weather holds up
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