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Do you like this dress?

I love it, but I'm not 100% set. It's maggie sottero penelope opinions please - what do you think?

Re: Do you like this dress?

  • I think it's a pretty dress.  Its not my style cause I'm a lace girl but it is pretty.  There's nothing I don't like about it but what really matters is how it looks on you and what you like. :)
  • It's a pretty dress but without seeing it on you, I can't make any judgments on whether you should get it.
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  • BUT if you're not 100% sure, keep looking. If you get it just because a bunch of (random) people told you to, you'll most likely change your mind later and regret it.
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  • I'm REALLY not a Maggie girl, but I'd actually consider this dress. It's very pretty!
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  • I adore organza, so yes, I think it's gorgeous! As said before, I'd want to see it on you.
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  • I love this dress because I love princess dresses.  It's so beautiful.  But keep looking until you are 100%.
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  • This isn't really my style (full ballgown), but I actually think this is really pretty for the right wedding! I say go try it on.
  • It's a pretty dress, but may not be right for everyone. I feel that the ballgown look in general might look overwhelming on a very petite lady, for example.
  • It's pretty, but too princessy for me. I wanted to be more of a sexpot ;-)
  • pretty but yeah, we need to see it on you :)
  • It's very princess-y!  Very pretty.  You'd definitely need to try it on to see how it looks on you, though.  (I know I drown in that type of gown. lol)
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  • there is no way on my body type I could pull off that dropped waist.  i think it's beautiful though! 
  • I think it's gorgeous, but I think you'd have to be pretty tall and thin to pull it off, it you are short it's probably too much dress!
  • I agree.. It's a beautiful dress.. but if you aren't 100% sure.. keep looking. I wasn't sure.. and instead.. listened to my bridal party and my mom who insisted that it was gorgeous and 'perfect'.. now? I just placed an order for a new dress and am trying to sell the one I purchased in January!! Make sure you find a dress that fits exactly what you are looking for..don't settle. Pictures are all that you will have when the wedding is over and you don't want to look at the pictures years from and not be happy because you settled on your dress..   GL!!!
  • I like it. It's very classic but with it's own little twist.
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