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Earring Suggestions...

I was wondering if anybody could give me advice on what type of earrings I should wear. I am going for sort of a 1950s bride. I like the idea of pearls, but I'm going to have a rhinestone headband and I don't think it would match. My planning bio should show you the headband. I won't be wearing a necklace and I don't think I'll be wearing a bracelet. I feel like diamond studs are a little boring, but I think dangly earrings wouldn't go with my look. Any suggestions ladies? Thanks in advance!!!

Re: Earring Suggestions...

  • Ok, number one LOVE the headband!As for the earring question, I usually associate the 50's with large button-style studs. BUT, it was also a very simple, clean, classic time for fashion, and with your headband and earrings it would be super easy to overdo it.I'd probably go with medium to large-ish studs, but keep them simple, a single stone or pearl for example.hope that helps!
  • I see that you used Carla to make your headband, why not ask her to make you some vintage inspired earrings? She made my vintage look earrings and I loved them, pib.
  • Thanks for the advice!  I've also been eyeing some earrings on I am just wondering if 1" diameter earrings would be too big.  They have some nice 1/2" stud earrings that compliment my engagement ring well. I will also see if Carla has ideas!
  • oooh I really like the "Diana" set on that site![img] [/img]
  • Those are really cute. I was just wondering if 1" diameter may be too big. I also like the Sandra earrings (they look similar to my e-ring with the halo) and the petal earrings (brings in silver with a pearl). I'm sure I will figure something out! Better read the return policy to the place.
  • Hi-I bought Sophie for my April wedding. The dress has not come in yet. I will not be shortening mine but I am excited to see yours!
  • Yay for Sophie! I am having my next fitting tomorrow night so I will try to post more photos soon.
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